Service and guiding: The best I never seen, very high professionals guides, with a lot of nature knowledge, not only doing his job, its his passion too. We saw Lions, Leopards, Wild Dogs, all of them hunting, loving, living...
Camp: Its very basic, but comfortable. Typical tent camp. But the luxury here is the place. Its in the best place in all the National Park. Where more animals are and the more exclusivity area.
Food: Very nice, they have 2 chefs and its abundant and nice.
Rate: 10/10. Very nice for complete family, we were there in exclusivity for us (6 people)
— Tripadvisor

The authentic privilege of the camp is his situation, as many certify this is the best place in the entire Luangwa Valley for safaris, as it combines the exclusivity and abundance of animals. We have the privilege of being in a very special area, away from mass tourism and where you can experience the real Africa. it will make your travel experience unforgettable.

The camp is fully equipped with large tents, which adapt perfectly to their environment to make our camp as comfortable as possible. Sit back comfortably at the entrance of your tent and read a book while our cooks prepare a meal at the camp fire and dinner is served under the stars of Africa.

We leave aside the unnecessary luxury aside and install the shower under the trees to wash off only the dust that accumulates every day as our goal is no other than to go in a unique environment on safari far from the daily hustle and bustle of the tourist Zones and the Africa Camp, as the true explorers did.


In only two years our customers gave us the 95% of Excellence and Very Good. It is our great satisfaction. Thank you very much.